Welcome to Sonosession, your complete resource for ultrasound training. We have proudly taught CNM’s ultrasound scanning techniques for over a decade. We are thrilled that there is now a Midwife Sonography Certificate offered by the ARDMS. Our resources were created with this registry in mind. Our textbook will prepare you to pass the examination and our hands on and online lectures will solidify this information and give you a solid foundation for scanning in your practice. The combination of our online lectures and hands on instruction provide a comprehensive learning experience. We begin with the basics of ultrasound imaging, then review anatomy, image orientation, and basic scanning technique. We guide you through the non-gravid pelvis and first trimester exam including pathology and anomalies. We also prepare you for the assessment of biometry, placenta, amniotic fluid, anatomy, the biophysical profile, and multigestational pregnancies.

We have hands on courses throughout the year in two beautiful locations, Monterey, California and Asheville, North Carolina. You can see the course calendar here. We also travel to facilities that have multiple practitioners that need training. You can read more about that here. Currently, our online content is provided through a platform at Mint Medical Education. Our book is available below.

If you would like more information on how this works please contact us below or call directly at 831.595.2111.

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The Complete Ultrasound Guide for Nurse Midwives

This book is designed for preparation for the ARDMS exam for nurse midwives. This book has been used as a textbook for ultrasound students and can be a valuable reference for obstetricians, nurse practitioners, as well as emergency room staff. It contains hundreds of images and illustrations. It includes basic anatomy and scanning techniques as well as fetal anomalies and their ultrasound findings.


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