Hands-On Ultrasound Training

Sonosession was created out of the Mint Medical Ultrasound Team. Julie Gaston led the Mint team for five years and has now created Sonosession in response to the growing need for offsite and customized hands on ultrasound training. We continue to partner with Mint Medical Education on many levels.

  • Sonosession is made up of a team of committed sonographers and physicians with decades of experience in educating medical professionals in the field of ultrasound.
  • We are passionate about the advancement of ultrasound in medicine and are devoted to teach at any level.
  • Our teaching style is simple, we provide online lectures for base learning. This includes anatomy, physiology, basic ultrasound terminology, physics, pathology and scanning protocol.
  • We include video instruction on scanning technique to prepare you for the live scanning session. During the live session we begin with a review of the machine to maximize image quality and efficiency. We then demonstrate a systematic approach to evaluating the patient. This helps develop healthy patterns so nothing is missed. Then it is your turn! We give you the transducer and instruct as you go.
  • We keep our classes small for maximum scan time and individual attention. You will never see more than 5 people in your class.
  • Our patients are real patients. For our OB courses, patients are from the first trimester to the third. We do perform transvaginal ultrasound exams on real patients. For vascular and general scanning sessions our volunteers have symptoms and pathology that indicate the need for the exam.

We have found that facilities with more than one person to train would benefit from our customized offsite training sessions. You can see more about that here: (link)

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How It Works?

Sonosession combines online lectures with hands on scanning sessions. We offer OB GYN scanning sessions monthly at our California and North Carolina training centers. We offer custom vascular, general, OB GYN, and musculoskeletal.

Monthly OB GYN Hands-On Scanning Sessions

Asheville, NC

Monthly OB GYN Hands-On Scanning Sessions

Monterey, CA

Hands-On Scanning Session at Your Facility

Anywhere, USA

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