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This course begins with the fundamentals of ultrasound. Take the time to review this section. It will provide a foundation for your ultrasound scanning. The non-gravid and first trimester sections include anatomy, scanning protocol and abnormal findings. The Scan Lab and Put It Into Practice sections focus on scanning technique.

Ultrasound Fundamentals

This module will review the principles by which sound waves operate and how ultrasound images are created. We also review terminology used to describe what we see along with knobology which explains what each knob and button does on the ultrasound system. Next is Image Orientation- this is a critical module for any new user to ultrasound. We will connect what you do with your hand and what you see on the screen.


Principles I Principles II Principles III Artifacts Image Orientation Terminology Knobology Fundamentals Assessment

Non-gravid Pelvic Ultrasound

First Trimester 2.0

This module reviews the first trimester from conception to the 12th week. This includes complications and abnormal findings as well at the first trimester scanning protocol.


Embryology First Trimester Goals 1st Tri Week by Week Establishing Fetal Age Viability Twins in the First Trimester First Trimester Scanning First Trimester Assessment First Trimester Resources

Scan Lab 2.0

Put It Into Practice

These modules put into practice the lessons learned during this course. They are practical steps in becoming comfortable with scanning techniques and ultrasound fundamentals.


PIP First trimester PIP Scanning Technique PIP Artifacts PIP Image Orientation PIP Knobology