Lashell Jones RDMS, RDCS


Lashell Jones, a highly skilled ultrasound specialist in obstetrics and gynecology (RDMS-OB GYN) and fetal echocardiography (RDCS-FE), currently holds the esteemed position of Lead Sonographer at Maternal Fetal Associates in Reston, Virginia. With over 20 years of experience in women's health and perinatal medicine, Lashell has developed a comprehensive understanding of her profession. Her journey in maternal-fetal medicine began with a unique opportunity to receive direct training from a perinatal specialist. This further solidified her dedication to women's health, fetal development, and echocardiography. Lashell is a dedicated professional in diagnostic medical sonography, always striving to go above and beyond. Her active involvement in projects such as the Inteleos Diversity and Inclusion Task Force and Registry review tutoring for new graduates showcases her commitment to advancing the field and improving patient care. Lashell's proactive approach to professional development sets her apart as a shining example of excellence in healthcare, inspiring her colleagues to follow suit. Lashell's dedication to providing high-quality educational resources for the ultrasound community sets her apart as a leader in the field. Her exclusive authorship on PREPRY showcases her expertise and commitment to advancing knowledge in fetal echo exams. With over 170 questions and detailed explanations, Lashell's content will be a valuable tool for those preparing for their Registry certification. This is just the start of Lashell's mission to improve medical awareness and education within the ultrasound industry.