Why only one day?

I get this question a lot. The short answer is because we shrunk our class size down to only 4 people and we only scan. All Day!

Here is the longer answer. We used to do these workshops over a 2 day period. We would lecture in the morning and scan in the afternoon. We would do first trimester on day one and second and third on day two. We would scan a total of 8 hours over the two days and send the students home with copies of our lectures for reference. We did this for years. And it was very successful.

However, we did get feedback. A two day course requires 4 days of being gone from work or home if you include travel. Also, they didn’t feel like they had enough support when they got home and started scanning on their own. That is when we decided to put everything online: our lectures, hands-on scanning videos, and case studies.

This allowed a few things to happen:

  1. We were able to provide the lectures and videos to students before the course. This allows them to better prepare for the hands-on scanning.
  2. They are also able to watch and refer to them once they are back in their practice and scanning on their own.
  3. This allowed us to provide the same amount of scan time but in one day- reducing the amount of time away from work and home.
  4. We have also maintained our 4 to 1 instructor to student ratio. This allows for individual attention from our instructors and maximum hands-on scanning time.
  5. It also allowed for longer lectures. We now provide 12 hours of lecture verses 8 hours during a two day course.
  6. We also continued our commitment to scanning live patients transabdominally as well as transvaginally.

I would love to get your feedback on our decision. If you have taken one of our courses or are thinking about it. We certainly would consider adding an additional scanning day if our students need it.

We are passionate about the advancement of ultrasound in medicine and are committed to providing the most accurate and effective training for medical practitioners.


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